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Controlling your Workers Compensation Modification Factor Also Know as your Mod Rate.

To not over pay on your Workers Compensation Insurance, Focus On Cutting Your Mod Rate.

Ask yourself if your current broker taking proactive steps to help you lower your mod?

Beacon Point will help you control your workers compensation mod through a comprehensive risk management plan, which seeks to reduce your workers’ compensation premium by acting on all the contributing factors that increase the cost of your Workers Compensation.   From loss control to cost containment.

How do you plan on building a culture focused on safety?  Get everyone on board, from upper management on down, by leveraging our robust risk management tools to highlight the  financial benefits of workplace safety and its need for continued support to ensure long-term success.

How effective is your current return to work program? The evidence is clear: the longer a claim stays open, the more it will cost you.  Beacon Point can help you implement a robust return to work program that provides employees with appropriate care and facilitates quick recovery.  This is just one way Beacon Point can help cut the cost of your workers compensation policy and reduce your modification factor.

Below is Just a Sample of Policies, Programs and Manuals 
That Beacon Point Will Use To Help Take Control Of Your Workers Compensation Insurance Costs. 

  1. Return to Work Program Guide
  2. Return to Work Policy
  3. Drug-free Workplace Policy
  4. Employer Resources
  5. Understanding Your WC Experience Modification Factor
  6. Work Comp Insights: NCCI Changes Primary-Excess Split Point for 2013
  7. Work Comp Insights: Five Steps to Reducing WC Costs
  8. 15 Warning Signs of Workers’ Compensation Fraud
  9. Drug Testing Proves Positive Results in Decreasing WC Mods
  10. Comprehensive Safety & Health Inspection Checklist
  11. Top 10 Ways to Control Your WC Mod

Beacon Point Makes Custom Presentations Just For Your Business To Help Save You Money On Workers Compensation Insurance.

Just A Few Samples:

  • Your Experience Modification Factor
  • Preventing Workplace Accidents: A How-to Approach
  • Impact of Return to Work Programs
  • Financial Impact of Work-Related Injuries

Injury Prevention is the first goal to start saving on workers compensation costs.  Your Beacon Point insurance broker can help you understand what your mod is, how it is calculated and most importantly how you can take control of it. Beacon Point has a long history of helping its clients take control of their workers compensation cost! OSHA Safety programs, applied to your company not only saves you premium by earning you credits, it also keeps your employees safe, and your mod down…Here is some ways your Beacon Point Broker can help!

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