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Is someone requesting a certificate of insurance (COI) or proof of insurance from you? Request one here—simply completes the information requested and submit. Your certificate request will be a high priority for us and will be taken care of as soon as possible.

What is a certificate of insurance?

It is a document that summarizes the terms, conditions, and duration of an insurance contract. The certificate shows what types of insurance are in place at the time requested.

Why do I need to get one for each person or company rather than just getting a master copy?

An insurance certificate is a “snapshot in time” so coverage that you have in place today might be different than what is in place tomorrow. Also, each certificate holder wants to be listed in the hopes that if your coverage changes they will be notified. However, unless they are an additional insured there is no duty to notify under the policy.


Alter, change or amend any coverage that is currently in place. No changes can be made to the policy by using a certificate.

What rights or coverage does a certificate holder have?

None, if the holder is not listed as an additional insured, the certificate gives no rights. The only way to be an additional insured is to be endorsed on the policy.

What is an additional insured?

An additional insured is someone that you are asking the insurance company to provide coverage to under your policy. If you are negligent, for example, and cause damage and both you and the additional insured are sued, you are asking the insurance company to pay both you and the additional insured’s legal fees and liability subject to your policy limit. So, you are basically requesting the insurance company to share your coverage with the additional insured.

Some companies will require an additional fee to process this change; others will require a written contract to be in place. The cost is usually $100-250 per additional insured.

What if the certificate holder requires a waiver of subrogation?

This restricts the rights of your insurance company to collect damages that were caused by the 3rd party (additional insured). Since this is restricting the insurance company’s rights there is generally a charge of $250-$500 for this endorsement.

What is my insurance agent allowed to do for me?

Your agent can give you a complete certificate of insurance that acknowledges effective dates, what coverage or policies, endorsements, and limits are in place at this time.

What if there is a request for coverage I don’t currently have?

Simply fill out a quote request on our website. Remember that Beacon Point Insurance offering general liability insurance, workers compensation insurance, business automobile insurance, and to name a few.

When Requesting your Certificate of Insurance, we must always have the address of the certificate holder even if we are faxing or mailing the form, leaving blanks will only delay the issuance of your certificate.

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