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Study Says Android Users Are Safer Drivers Than iPhone Owners

Study Says Android Users Are Safer Drivers Than iPhone Owners

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Justin Duino

These days sidetracked driving is a huge issue, and it’s not disappearing anytime quickly. A current study by the insurance business Jerry concluded that Android users are much safer chauffeurs than those with an iPhone.

I understand, I understand, the Android vs. iPhone argument never ever appears to disappear. This time we’re not discussing who has the much better cam, longer battery life, or much better functions. Rather, we’re taking a look at who’s dreadful behind the guiding wheel.

The insurance provider took a comprehensive study and examined the driving habits of 20,000 motorists while taking a trip over 8 million miles. What’s the outcome? Android users are much better chauffeurs than all the cool kid iPhone owners.


A glimpse at the chart above programs that Android-owning chauffeurs won in each and every single classification. From being less sidetracked, speeding, braking, and even the method they turn. You’ll observe the classification with the most substantial benefit is sidetracked driving, where Android users scored substantially much better than those with an iPhone.

It seems like it’s simpler for Android users to keep their hands and eyes off their phone (or TikTok) and on the guiding wheel.

It’s not simply the more youthful generation either. The business studied 6 various age varying from 18-65, and in every classification, Android users had a lower total driving rating. Unusually enough, Jerry likewise took this minute to ask some individual concerns concerning education and credit report, and Android likewise vanquished the iPhone in these locations.

The report discusses that there were more than two times as numerous iPhone users as Android users for the research study, so even with a bulk, it still lost to Android.

If you desire your kid to take note in class and be a much safer chauffeur, purchase them an Android. And the next time there’s a vehicle swerving through the lines in front of you, they may have an iPhone.

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