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I just got back from a personal risk management class in Orlando FL and our instructor asked us a thought provoking question that I had not thought about before…  When traveling, most of us stay in a hotel along the way, some nicer than others.  In many cases, we can’t control when we get sick, and from personal experience, some times it is while we are shacked up in that nice hotel room.  So our instructor asked us this question:

When someone gets sick while in the hotel, what is the first thing they grab?

Like most of us, I am sure you are thinking the trash can, am I right?  While this might be the answer for when we are at home, keeping it by the bedside, our instructor asked us what is already located by the bedside in most hotel rooms that is easier to grab than the trash can?  Can I grab you a drink before I give you the answer?  Or was that too much of a hint, if you are thinking the ice bucket, you are correct.

In many cases the ice bucket is closer than the trash can which is usually located near the desk in the corner of the room.  And while most people are nice enough to rinse it out, do you think the maid fully scrubs it when they clean the room?

Next time in a hotel room, to keep from potentially being exposed, think twice before using that nice convenient ice bucket.

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