1969 Pontiac Acadian – Zehr Insurance Brokers Ltd.

Owned by Ryan from Amherstburg, ON

I bought this 1969 Pontiac Acadian when I was 18 years old. I built a motor for it and mostly just cruised in it in my young years. Every once in a while I would get the need for speed and drag race it.

However, I broke the motor in it when I was 33 years old and sold the car to a gentleman that had the car restored without sparing a dime.

Over the years I had missed the car. At age 48 I heard the gentleman was wanting to sell it and well, the rest they say is history. I got my childhood car back in amazing condition.

It’s not nearly as fast as it once was but that’s fine as I’m not in need of speed now that I’m older and wiser!

I love taking it for drives on nice days, it is quite the head turner!

(The green pic is when I owned it in my younger years before it went through its large restoration)

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