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Owned by Nick from Bolton, ON

I used to have a 1965 Corvette when I was younger. Weird thing is that I bought it the day Charles and Diana got married and I sold it the day she died.

Bought it for $10,000.00 drove it all those years and sold it for $30,000.00. Not a bad investment. All these years after selling I never thought of getting another one until l started looking at some online last summer. I was starting to get the itch again. I started thinking about it and slowly started searching for one. I was looking for a (preferably 1965) red on red Corvette.

I found a few in the States and had these Corvette experts near where the cars were, go down and do a pre-purchase inspection for me. They always came back to me with some things that did not look right. The VIN Tag or Trim Tag wasn’t right, the engine stamp pad looked off, or the car looked great cosmetically but needed a lot of mechanical work. I used to hear people say, “I’ve been looking for a Vette for 3 years”, I always thought, “What are you talking about, they are available for sale all over the place.” I now realize that there are a lot available for sale but you have to be careful when buying to ensure that there are no issues with the car.

Every night I would be searching on the internet for Corvettes. The fact that I was looking for a red on red ’65 made it a bit more difficult. It seemed that these would not come up for sale as often. Then on my birthday of all days, I was searching the web and I did a double take. This dealer had the exact car I was looking for. It was a numbers matching red on red 65. Original engine, tranny and other components. The car had been restored about 10 years ago. The price was a bit above my upper limit but I thought I couldn’t let this one go.

I called the dealer and learned that they had just posted it that day. I immediately put a deposit and hold on the car until I could get it inspected. I had 2 separate experts examine the car and both agreed that it was worth pursuing. I then called the dealer and worked out a deal with them. There were a few little issues but the dealer was very good to work with and resolved those items. They shipped the car up to me and it is now sitting in my garage.

The nice weather is starting to arrive and am looking forward to going out cruising with my wife.

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